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Assessment Without Levels


 Dear Parent / Carer

We’re currently in a changing world of assessment in schools. We’ve recently been through a big change in the national curriculum, with the ‘new’ curriculum having a very different content to the ‘old’ curriculum. Many of the objectives in the old curriculum have shifted to lower year groups in the new, more rigorous curriculum. We have moved, under government direction, to a system which removes the assessment grades that have been with us for many years. This new assessment system is known as ASSESSMENT WITHOUT LEVELS. In the past, assessment levels (2a, 2b, 2c, for example) have had no direct correlation to the curriculum. The ‘new’ assessment system is now directly linked to year group national curriculum objectives, and in this way, it is a very positive change. We see this  as an exciting opportunity to review our assessment and reporting systems in order to create a more holistic approach that makes sense to pupils, parents and staff.

We are now assessing children against the new curriculum framework and we have a robust assessment system which tracks and monitors pupil progress across the school. Assessment against the new framework involves objectives that have been shifted to lower year groups. This means that we are in a time of transition between old and new sets of data.   In September 2015 children will be given a baseline assessment test against the raised expectations. This will give us their starting points for their journey against the new national curriculum and objectives which are sometimes referred to as Key Assessment Criteria..

Our new assessment system is called ‘Assessment without Levels’.

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Assessment Without Levels information to parents and carers