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Swimming lessons

From our PE Funded Budget we have secured swimming lessons for children who are beginners and need more confidence in the water with In at the Deep End at Castle View Centre.  This is being rolled out to children in Years 1 – 6.  Last term 31 children from these year groups were offered free swimming lessons for the six weeks and they are now continuing their lessons this term and next term in the hope that they all achieve their 25 metre badge.  This term we have 20 children learning to swim.

As this incentive is free to parents – we do ask that when offered a place that they are committed to making sure their child attends their lesson each week.  If for some reason, your child does not want their free lessons then please make sure you contact Mrs Holland to inform her immediately.  This gives another child the opportunity to learn to swim.

We will then liaise with the staff at In at the Deep End to see which children need more lessons.

Any queries, please contact the school office.

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