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MFL Statement of Intent

Learning a foreign language, provides pupils with a valuable, cultural, social and most importantly educational experience as when children begin to learn a new language, this provides them with new communication and literacy skills, which lay the foundations for further language learning. Through learning a language, children develop linguistic competence and extend their knowledge of how language works by exploring differences and similarities from both the written and spoken language of English and Spanish. By learning Spanish, children will have an awareness of the multicultural and multilingual world and will introduce them into an international dimension, thus giving them an insight into their own culture and the diversity of the British society through exploration of another.


  • Spanish is taught following the ‘Hola Espanol’ Scheme.
  • It is taught in Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6.
  • Spanish will continue into KS3 and beyond at Castleview (main feeder secondary)