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Ofsted Report, February 2017

Since the last inspection you have provided exceptional leadership which has driven the development of the school and improved outcomes for pupils……… You have raised pupils’ attainment and accelerated their progress.”(Ofsted Inspection Report, February 2017).

Here are some of the key statements in the report:

  • Since the last inspection, pupils’ progress from key stage 1 to key stage 2 has generally been above that found nationally in reading, writing and reading.
  • You and your staff set aspirational learning targets and seek to help all pupils achieve the very best outcomes
  • High expectations, consistently applied guidelines and nurturing support helps children grow in confidence, form good learning behaviours and develop pride in their achievements.
  • You work hard to ensure that your school has a calm, purposeful and friendly environment.
  • The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.
  • You, your staff and governors have a clear understanding of the community it serves
  • The move to your new school has been seamless
  • You and your staff are reflective and often searching for innovative and exciting ways to engage pupils in learning.
  • You, your staff and governors give the highest priority to keeping children safe.
  • Overall levels of attendance compare well to national averages
  • High expectations and consistently behaviour guidelines result in well-behaved pupils in lessons and at playtime.

Headteacher comment

Everyone was delighted with the report and I am very proud of each member of our school community who has helped us achieve such a positive outcome. This gives us a solid, encouraging basis on which to improve standards even further; we have wonderful children in our school and it is a privilege to help our pupils reach their full potential.

Please use the link below to view our latest Ofsted report.                                                                              

Ofsted Inspection Report February 2017