Welcome to Hylton Castle Primary School



Our aim is to engage all pupils in the writing process to help them achieve their full potential.  As a school, we have adopted an engagement approach to our writing curriculum which involves all pupils from Foundation Stage to Year 6, participating in a range of writing processes both inside and outside of the classroom environment.  We are fully invested in this approach and classes throughout school access our woodland area to help develop their writing, in addition to the planning of regular visits both within the local area and beyond.  We encourage paired, collaborative, and shared writing activities that help to motivate and foster an ethos of positive participation for all, regardless of our pupils’ writing abilities.  Pupils are taught to write in a range of styles and genres with a heavy focus on relevance to their own lives and how these skills can support them in achieving their dreams for the future.

Reception & Foundation Stage

Letter formation is taught in line with the Read Write Inc phonics scheme and practiced daily.  Pupils in Reception class practice the application of words and spellings learnt in their RWI phonics sessions to the writing of sentences.  Independent writing is encouraged in both year groups through the investigation and development of pupil’s interests.

Key Stage 1 & 2

Pupils in all year groups receive daily writing lessons with focused handwriting and spelling practice sessions taught regularly throughout the week.  We have chosen to use the Nelson Cursive Handwriting Scheme (Y2-6) and spellings are taught using the No Nonsense spelling program. Daily basic skills practice of previously taught spelling, punctuation and grammar rules are also reinforced in all year groups (Y1-6) to help maintain year group expectations and to keep basic writing skills tight and focused.

Pupils are taught the necessary skills required to independently write, edit and improve a range of genres.  Final drafts are then presented in the appropriate form and our pupils take great pride in their finished writing portfolios.

Staff are encouraged to choose topics that will engage their current classes and therefore writing plans are adaptable to suit the needs of individual classes.