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Broadway Junior School Woodland Visit

Broadway Junior School came to our Woodlands open day back in July 2017 and were so keen to use our facilities that they booked to bring their two Year 3 classes in January 2018.

They used the visit to support their teaching about the stone age.  They cooked vegetable soup on a fire after discussing foraging for food and hunting animals for meat.  They also used the opportunity to discuss stone age homes and they tried to build shelters of their own.

They followed up their visit when they returned back to school and used their experiences to do the following:

  1. Write a recount of the visit and what they had learned
  2. Write instructions on how to make stone age soup
  3. Use the recipe for the soup to record data and create bar charts and tally’s for class 2’s favourite vegetable

They also linked the topic to their science so they wrote pieces of work about rocks and land formation.




Making a shelter

Building a fire to cook  our soup

Yummy vegetables for our soup








They also booked another three days in March 2018