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Gymnastics Competition 2018

We entered 7 teams and 3 individual gymnasts to the Sunderland Schools Key Step Gymnastics Competition 2018.  All gymnasts competed to the best of their ability and were a credit to the school.  All of their hardwork and determination showed in our results.

KS1 Team A (Year 2) – came 4th on floor and 5th on vault

KS1 Team B (Year 1/2) – came 6th on floor and 10th on vault

KS1 Team C (Year 1) – came 11th on floor and 12th on vault

KS2 Team D (Year 3) – came 3rd on floor and 3rd on vault

KS2 Team E (Year 4) – came 1st on floor and 1st on vault

KS2 Team F (Year 5/6) – came 3rd on floor and 6th on vault

KS2 Team G (Year 5/6) – came 4th on floor and 8th on vault

In the open competiton – Erika came 2nd place, Rhianon came 7th and Anna Leigh came 10th.  This was a really good show from the as they are competing against gymnasts who train several times a week for clubs.

We have one team from Year 4 and Erika going on to compete in the Sunderland Schools finals in July 2018.  Good luck.

Myself and Mr Wilcox are very proud of all the gymnasts.