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Year 6


Home learning will be provided as a combination of daily expectations (listed on this page) which should be completed every day and a weekly home learning timetable (which will be uploaded to this page each week) which sets out specific lessons for each day. Homework sheets which contain each child’s spellings and mental maths target for the week will be emailed as usual to parents at the beginning of the week. Work will be set via Teams and you have already received a guide to support you and your child in using this. It is expected that work will be returned via Teams (either as a document or attached at photographs).

Daily Expectations

These should be done daily with your child for the minimum time which is stated. Evidence is not needed for these unless the weekly timetable says otherwise as this is repeated practise of skills:

  • Reading Plus (30 minutes)
  • Spelling (10 minutes) – Homework sheets will be sent as normal with these on. The weekly timetable will tell you the activity to be done.
  • Handwriting (10 minutes) – Booklet at home and copying out. This could be from a reading book, newspaper, leaflet, web page etc. The aim is for their handwriting to be joined, neat and clear to read with accurate letter height and size.
  • Hit the Button (10 minutes) – https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button Children should choose a different focus each day.
  • Mental Maths (10 minutes) – Homework sheets will be sent as normal with these on.
  • Physical activity (1 hour) – This can be done across the day or in one go. We think it is really important that children stay active during this time. They can complete any activity of their choosing as long as they are keeping fit. Like last time, Joe Wicks PE lessons are available on Youtube.

Your child will also be set a maths and literacy lesson each day plus one other subject. The tasks for these can be found on Teams. Evidence will be needed for these unless the weekly timetable says otherwise. The evidence of their work will need to be saved on Teams rather than emailed but this can still be photographs of the work they’ve done.

Marking and feedback

We will be keeping marking and feedback the same as how it is given school as far as possible. This means that there will not be written feedback given for all of their work. These are the ways we mark and give feedback:

  • Where possible, answer sheets will be sent along with the work so children can mark their work straightaway to see how well they have done and to see any areas they need more help with. This gives them immediate feedback. Children are very familiar with this as it is used daily in school.
  • Live lessons on Teams with the facility for discussing and asking questions which allows for verbal feedback and support.
  • Regular meetings through Teams via the posts section or a virtual meeting will allow work to be discussed and verbal feedback and support given.
  • Where appropriate, they will be given written feedback about their work.

Home learning timetables

11.01.21 home learning timetable

18.01.21 home learning timetable

25.01.21 home learning timetable

01.02.21 home learning timetable

08.02.21 home learning timetable

22.02.21 home learning timetable

01.03.21 home learning timetable

Home Learning Timetable_24.06.21

Home Learning Timetable_28.06.21

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