Welcome to Hylton Castle Primary School

Year 1 Class News

We are all looking forward to having an amazing year in Year one

Autumn Term

In Autumn 1 our History topic is ‘Space and Neil Armstrong’.  In science we will be looking at ‘materials and their properties’. In art we will be studying the Artists Kandinsky and  Van Gough and creating our own art work using different painting and drawing techniques.

In Autumn 2 our History topic is ‘Toys’. In science we will be looking at ‘Seasonal changes and materials’. In DT we will be learning about ‘mechanisms’ including wheels and axles. We are planning to make our own movable toy with wheels.

We are hoping to organise visits/visitors current Covid 19 guidelines permitting. 


During WB 16th November we are hoping to take part in ‘Bible Comes Alive’ at Hylton Castle Mission.