Welcome to Hylton Castle Primary School

Year 3

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Welcome to year 3!

This is the start to the children’s Key Stage 2 learning journey. We promote and encourage independence while the children continue to build upon the children’s learning in Key Stage 1, through exciting learning opportunities. There are 30 hardworking children in our class. This year, our teacher is Mrs Masters who is support by Miss Kean and Miss Clark.

Hi! My name is Mrs Masters and I teach in Year 3. I really enjoy teaching this age group of children as they make so much progress with their reading and writing in just one year. I have two children of my own and in my spare time I love to go to the cinemas with them. I’m quite an expert on children’s films now! We also love to go swimming, eating out and shopping (although they don’t enjoy this part!).

Hi my name is Miss Kean and I work in Year 3. When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my son Kiyan and my daughter Ariyana. We enjoy going to the cinema, going to the football matches and most of all we love to go shopping.

Hi my name is Miss Clark. When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my family

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